Mexico City airport

by ZIHLUV, Tuesday, March 07, 2023, 11:13 (22 days ago) @ Padrino

And be VERY careful of cabs in Mexico City -- in fact try to avoid them and use Uber. We were in a hurry and cancelled an Uber ride for $105 pesos to take a waiting cab instead. And then watched as the meter ran up to $850 pesos (I'm sure it was rigged in some way). After we paid, the clever cab driver switched our $500 peso note for a fake one -- holding it up and saying that it was ripped and that we needed to give him different note. We took it back and gave him another $500 note then he said we accidently gave him a $20 peso instead of a $500 -- and he helpfully added that tourists make this mistake all the time since they are both blue in color. That way he got another good $500 pesos note from us. And it went on and on with substituting our good money for bad on the sly as he made change. We had no idea he was doing this. So in addition to the terribly inflated metered ride, he stole from us by exchanging our good money for counterfeit money. Lesson learned. And now shared! And -- it is well worth visiting Zocalo area but we enjoyed the Museo Nacional de Antropologia perhaps even more.

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