AMLO Shows Some Spine

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, March 18, 2023, 18:01 (8 days ago) @ hromero

I am not sure how you took from my post that I thought that Mexico stopping the flow of fentanyl would solve the problem in the USA. The entire first portion of my post was about how the majority of the problem was in the USA and it needed to fix it's own issues in order to solve the problem.

There is another country that shares an even longer border with the USA that doesn't have the same problem as Mexico. It is Canada. Mexico needs to stop blaming others for all of its problems and realize that it has its own issues to fix as well. AMLO is a very good politician and feeds into people's belief that there is always someone else who needs to solve their problems and it has made him quite popular. He has done very little to actually solve the root of the problem as far as I can tell.

I continue to be perplexed by your inability to accept any criticism of this president when I see you making valid criticisms of the local government that could easily be applied to the federal government. AMLO spends so much time and energy in pouring concrete for refineries, trains that run right through the middle of virgin jungles, thousands of bank locations under the Bienestar name, etc. Meanwhile no efforts are made to create programs that force local governments to install security cameras, no effort to create a professional national police force, no strengthening of the judiciary. I voted for President Biden in the USA and I can tell you all kinds of things and policies that I disagree with him on. Just because I vote for a guy doesn't mean that I have to agree with all the things his administration does.

You keep casting blame where it doesn't belong, IMHO, and that's what my point is. Nothing to do with AMLO. A faulty perception. Maybe Mexico will have a fentanyl or other problem. Not the point. Mexico is already doing more than it should to fight the USA's long lost war on drugs. Mexico's a country with lots of poor people. Of course organized criminals are going to profit and spread some wealth just like politicians do to buy loyalty.

Canada doesn't do WHAT? You're forgetting the lessons of Prohibition again. They don't have what problem? No criminals? Nothing crosses the border illegally? I think we all know better than that.

No effort at a professional national police force? That's precisely what the Guardia Nacional are. They're a lot better than what we used to have.

Many cities have security cameras and strong municipal police yet they still have overwhelming criminal problems because of the economic power of the people profiting from the multi-billion-dollar a year black market. That's where the solution has to be. Removing that source of income from violent organized criminals who get paid and armed by folks north of the border.

Mexico's problem still stems from colonialism. Not populism or corrupt politicians. Those are just symptoms that came from European culture. But since Mexico's indigenous population wasn't as devastated as the USA's, it's a very different situation here as they find their footing and regain some of what they lost. They seem to be AMLO's biggest supporters because he spent years traveling to their communities to see how they lived and to get to know them. Consensus is we still need refineries and trains. Not my call nor yours. You know I don't like what passes for progress, so please don't say I support what I don't.

You have some wonderful ideas. Shared them with any politicians? They seem to take too keen an interest in too much of what I say and then punish my family for it because I'm not in favor of pouring concrete all up and down our waterfront, manipulating poor people or enriching myself on the public dole. So by all means go for it. I gladly concede the spotlight to you, mi muy estimado amigo. ;-)

Un saludo.

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