AMLO Shows Some Spine

by hromero ⌂ @, Sunday, March 19, 2023, 14:39 (75 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

You correctly identify that Mexico is a country full of poor people. Why is that way? I think it is a very valid point that many make, and I am repeating here, that it is poor because of a long history of corrupt and poor leadership. It certainly isn't for a lack of resources. Mexico is loaded with natural resources that have been exploited, but unfortunately mostly for the benefit of a few in power. I am not advocating for Mexico to fight the USA's failed drug war. I am advocating for Mexico to fight its own internal problems so that it won't be so affected by the poor decisions made by its northern neighbor. As the leader of Mexico, AMLO absolutely bears responsibility for the actions of his government.

I was not very clear in my previous post about Canada so I will attempt to clarify here. My point wasn't that Canada has zero problems. My point was that Canada is not a major hub for distribution of drugs to the USA and isn't overrun with cartels who challenge the power of the government to the same degree that they do here in Mexico. That is despite the fact that it is just as dependent on the USA for trade. There is something different between Canada and Mexico, with regards to this topic of cartels and drug distribution, that makes Canada generally a safer place than Mexico when it comes to violence and guns. That is despite the fact that they both depend and are influenced by the USA in very significant ways. I think it is quite reasonable to see that the difference is in large part a result of poor governance.

The national guard was an attempt to create a professional police force? Your kidding right? A police force is a force that is professionally trained to enforce laws, investigate crimes using forensic evidence and pursuing criminals that are identified in that process. The national guard, from the beginning, was largely staffed from the military and were paid for by the military. They changed their uniforms and vehicles for a new color and then proceeded to use the same tactics as the military that have been patrolling the streets for years. So the national guard largely drive around the streets during the safe hours of the day and then disappear during the night. Just like all the other "law enforcement" agencies that are doing the same thing. If you are going to claim that they are doing actual police work then you are going to need to cite specific data because all the data I have read shows that virtually no budget has been created for the national guard to be trained in police work or in forensic labs. To top it all off AMLO's administration dispensed with the illusion that the national guard were a separate entity and integrated them into the military as another branch. How is that an attempt at building a professional police force.

It is the first time that I have read you almost criticize the large projects championed by AMLO. In all of our other interactions you have energetically defended them.

To answer you question, yes I have shared my ideas with local officials. I have advocated directly with Jorge Sanchez during the last political cycle that Zihuantanejo needs a local and professional police force. I also asked him to advocate for a major upgrade to the hospital and expressed my displeasure with the development at playa Manzanillo. I have sent emails to federal representatives expressing my wish for them to stop focusing on degrading INE and instead focus on strengthening the judiciary. Have I heard back from any of those federal officials? No. I have no illusion that I myself can change any of these. I hope that sharing these ideas, which are not my own, with as many people as possible will help them reach the mainstream.

I will reiterate, none of this meant to say that it will fix the problem of prohibition enforced and driven by the USA. The USA would be doing itself and the rest of the world a great favor if it would look for a exit strategy from the failed war on drugs and instead looked for a way to help its citizens reduce their dependence on destructive drugs.

Humberto Romero

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