¡Viva la CelebraZIHón!

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, March 19, 2023, 19:29 (75 days ago)


Guerrero's health officials confirm 4 currently active cases of Covid-19 in Zihuatanejo, 1 in Benito Juárez, 62 in Acapulco, and 162 in the entire state.

¡Muy Feliz Día del Artesano!

City workers came down our street today cutting branches off trees, some quite severely, and cutting all the telephone wires that crossed the street to make room for the parade floats for the Carnaval. Luckily our home is on the side that didn't get its wires cut, but a lot of neighbors and businesses are going to be pissed off not having any phone or internet service for the weeks it will take Telmex to replace all the cut wires. It all seems rather disrespectful and unnecessary to me. The city simply should've put limits on the heights of the floats, but that would've taken too much planning and coordination, I guess. Or it simply doesn't care about the trees or residents of downtown Zihuatanejo.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Carnaval. As a downtown resident I'm always glad when these loud and raucous affairs are over and all the drunks go home. ;-)

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¡Cuidemos nuestro patrimonio!

The mayor directing workers preparing Carnaval celebrations at the Cancha Municipal.

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