IRancho el Riscal

by Ray @, Zihuatanejo, Mexico and Chicago, IL USA, Saturday, March 25, 2023, 18:49 (69 days ago) @ Shelley52

No idea about Rancho el Rascal, but "Aquarena" in Playa Larga can be reached using any combi (van) along Centro/airport road heading to/labeled: Coacoyul, Lomas, Aeropuerto, Vistamar, etc. Get off at "Esquina de Playa Larga." Then take marked collectivo (truck) from there to Playa Larga. Aquarena is about 2 blocks away on the right side of the "T" intersection in Larga. (BTW, cost is 15 pesos for first ride; 12 pesos for 2nd ride into Playa Larga.)

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