Getting a Driver's License in Zihua - current info

by MonkeyJenn ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, Thursday, March 30, 2023, 09:23 (65 days ago)

Hi - Just thought I would share my experience getting my driver's license (finally...!) yesterday -- Since all of the info I found here and elsewhere was outdated/incorrect at this moment.

I went to the Direccion de Salud, which is currently located behind Profeco - 2 streets past Elektra/same side as Elektra. They needed my ID, took height/weight/blood pressure and asked my blood type (would test for it if I hadn't known). For $108 they gave me the certificate I needed.

Next to Palacio Municipal - La Deportiva (was able to find street parking just past Bodega Aurrera and walk in). Only gave them my ID, Telmex bill and the health certificate. For $560 I got the license hot off the press (almost burned my fingers!). Valid for 5 years. For slightly less you can get it for 3 years (but it was still over $400). They ask if you want to be an organ donor and print the name and phone number of your 'emergency contact' on the back of the license.

I guess knowing what blood type you are is the most helpful info when giving people with zero proof of driving skills or vision a license :snicker:

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