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by mindpilot @, la Playa Buenavista, Tuesday, May 02, 2023, 23:32 (31 days ago)
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My first time in Mexico City and it is really one of the most fascinating places I've ever been. Very cosmopolitan vibe.

We left Zihuatanejo Friday with tickets to the Padres - Giants games Saturday & Sunday at the ball park Mexico City's Rojos Diablos call home.

The flight was scheduled for 1:20, it was actually 55 minutes gate-to-gate.

Staying at the St Regis Hotel. The statue of Diana is right out front, and the Angel of Independence square is just a couple blocks away.

We are reveling in things we cannot do where we live out in Playa Buenavista, like have a dozen restaurants to choose from within a half block walk. Or choose from a selection of convenience stores, including Oxxo, 7/11, and even Circle K.

Saturday's baseball game was fantastic, stadium sold out, so much fun! There were all kinds of banners, sign and posters for the games all over downtown. Even life-size bobble-heads of the players from both teams. The hotel presented us with baseball-themed cookies. It was a big deal. Mexican baseball has cheerleaders and a big, like 25-piece, mariachi band. The Padres need both of those.

Unfortunately, altitude sickness hit us pretty hard, and we couldn't make Sunday's game. Had to get a dr, he gave us the same meds that mountain climbers use, and it fixed us right up.

Padres won both games B-)

Monday was International Day of the Child and May Day, so there was a lot going on, the main street, Reforma, was closed to vehicle traffic and was teeming with pedestrians, street vendors, and everything from bicycles to skateboards.

There is a large art display set up on the sidewalk across from the hotel whose purpose is to raise awareness of the child bride problem. Each painting is of an actual child bride, one as young as 9. They are heartbreaking, very disturbing and there are too many of them. In the 21st century, how is it possible there is anyone anywhere who thinks this is OK? Kept me awake last night.

Monday night we had dinner with some family, and of course that was a fantastic good time.

Tuesday, we took a guided tour of the Museum of Anthropology. It would take days to see the whole thing, so the guide can hit the highlights. In a few hours you see the best parts. I cannot begin to describe how much history I looked at.

Also just lucked into seeing the Palo Volador performing their ritual dance, slowing descending from a 30-meter pole suspended by a rope tied around their waist in an effort to appease the rain gods. If you are not familiar with this ancient ritual, here is the wiki link:

We have one more day...updates to follow.

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