trip report: CDMX

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Wednesday, May 03, 2023, 21:02 (30 days ago) @ mindpilot

We, like Rob and you are sea level people. We spent a week in Cuernavaca in our RV and bused and then took the metro into the city three times for full days of exploration. The museum? OMG. The city the same. The ruins??? WOW! On the way back, my sweetie had issues with the altitude and more, the air pollution. It was one of those days. As a former asthmatic, I knew that hydration was the key, and we got off of the bus, hit an OXXO, bought 4 beers, hydrated and calmed him down and all was well.

We originally thought that Mazatlan would be our home in Mexico. Fortunately, we were wrong and are here forever. We have 4 banners hanging on our third terrace here from the 2005 Carib World Series, held in Maz. Amazing games and way more fun than US games. We fortunately had friends that always had season tickets to the normal season so we were able to attend regularly. So much fun and a lot more fun than US games.

Glad you had a good time, and keep the reports coming!

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