Fresh Fish (Not)

by jakewills @, Thursday, May 04, 2023, 17:42 (29 days ago) @ FrozenNoMás

Ask if it is a thick filet or specify that is what you want. Thin filets that are either cut that way to make them go further, or what is often left after a few slow days, get overcooked making them chewy. Or look for whole fish... Those are harder to disguise if they are not fresh.

The issue is rarely that fish has been frozen before. Dorado especially freezes and thaws well. The problem is if they sit in a fridge drying out, or worse submerged in water for a few days, with temps going up and down from a door being opened regularly.

But really, if you came for fish try to find a place with more than just dorado. They are more likely to have something fresher and prepare it well. It seems like that has been harder this year - guessing because dorado had been so cheap.

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