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Many of the older families and residents of Zihuatanejo were saddened to hear of the loss of one of our former mayors this morning, Gabino Fernández Serna, who was very popular and respected and a scion of the old well known families. Our hearts go out to his extensive family and of course to his many friends. QEPD

Five of the medalists in this Saturday's Triatlón with over 1,800 participants are from Zihuatanejo! ¡Buen trabajo, sankas! :clappinghands:

Large groups of tourists who arrived by bus were sitting in different parts along the Paseo del Pescador this Saturday morning with all their belongings waiting for the water taxi service to Las Gatas to start running. This late afternoon they were all smiles and sandy after enjoying their day at the beach.

It was another extremely warm day this Saturday with humidity up around 85%. Sure looked like it wanted to rain for a while there, but so far nothing in downtown Zihuatanejo.

[image]Tucked away amid the palm trees of La Ropa in Zihuatanejo within easy walking distance to the beach is Arecas Suites. A small affordable and comfortable hotel located in "the grove" near the beach. Features 8 air-conditioned suites with kitchenettes and a pool.
Zihuatanejo Hotels, Inns & B&Bs

¡Cuidemos nuestro patrimonio!

Playa Principal in the late afternoon is a favorite place to relax and enjoy the remaining natural beauty of Zihuatanejo.

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