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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, August 03, 2023, 20:15 (122 days ago)


We had a PERFECT overnight rain Wednesday night. A good soaker rain that cooled temperatures enough to sleep under a sheet and to have to turn the fan down. Another tropical disturbance is coming our way and should bring us more rain as it organizes and grows. Be prepared for strong gusting winds as it moves our way along the coast.

Expect long wait times if you plan on taking a water taxi to Las Gatas. The Las Gatas landing pier is still under construction, and there has been absolute chaos in recent days trying to embark and disembark passengers on the beach. Better to walk there from Capricho del Rey.

The highway from Acapulco has been blocked and there has been violence on the highway near Pie de la Cuesta. If you are going that way be sure to check road conditions before leaving. The Guardia Nacional says they have the road open, but as of just a short while ago there were burned vehicles and microbuses blocking the road.

Saw dolphins fishing and playing in the bay the past two mornings. Also saw more turtle tracks on Playa Principal but no nest. The municipal government makes such a production out of this Pueblo Mágico designation, but they have totally ruined Playa Principal with their decorations that include styrofoam signs (that of course are all torn up from children, drunks and the weather), stupid constructions and too bright lights. They seem to make a conscious effort to ignore the damage they've done to the beach. Extremely disappointing but par for the course for the current municipal administration.

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Un pescador lanza carnada a las aves fragatas en Playa Principal.

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