Militarized Immigration

by frostbite @, Hamilton MT, Thursday, August 17, 2023, 12:00 (108 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

The future depends on a mix of socialism and capitalism. Capitalism has failed the planet miserably. Mexico is taking a new path.

Amen! That's how things woeked in Western Europe, when I lived there 60 years ago. They also had free medical care for everybody. God forbid we should learn anything from them!

The violence generated by over half a century of the USA's prohibition of popular recreational substances is a failing of the policy itself, one imposed first by the USA. While both countries make progressive noises in this aspect, neither has done what needs doing to remove the main source of revenue for organized criminals who sell the substances in the USA and also buy the weapons they need in the USA that they have been able to smuggle back into Mexico seemingly effortlessly. All those stupidly banned substances need to be legalized. The reason you're seeing hundreds of thousands of deaths from fentanyl and meth in the USA is because it doesn't come packaged in safe doses of known quality and quantity but rather that is all left to criminals who couldn't care less if people die as long as they make a buck. Legalize it and it removes the main source of income for organized criminals and levels the playing field so that police can tackle crimes such as human trafficking, extortion, corruption, and crimes against the planet.

While I'm all for legalizing recreational drugs, if it happens, I suspect that the gangs would just find other criminal activity to engage in, rather than looking for regular jobs.

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