Militarized Immigration

by Little Guy @, Thursday, August 17, 2023, 20:48 (108 days ago) @ midalake

Reading skills are so important.

Writing skills are more important.

I simply stated that this Mexican president has failed to keep his citizens safe.

That is not at all what you did. You stated that the Mexican president is the scariest thing you have ever seen, then you went on a multi-sentence rant about socialism. Then as a loose thought, unrelated to any previous comment in the posting, you said that the president can’t keep his people safe.

I do not care what your whataboutism is for, or for in America.

I understand why you would not want to discuss the record of the failed former president of the USA. Was he responsible for the tens of thousands of killings in the USA during his four years of failures?

100,000+ Americans Have Been Killed by Gun Violence Since Trump Took Office

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