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I guess I was so anxious for summer vacation to end I kept moving it up a week in previous posts. Public schools don't reopen until NEXT Monday. Sorry for my confusion.

Typically we get a different type of tourist the last week of vacations, folks with a bit more money to spend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this week. The heat certainly has returned now that the winds have died down and most of the cloud cover has dissipated. But the ocean is calm and the BLUE WATER is near the coast.

Our water temperature in the bay has been fairly steady at between 31.2° and 31.7°C. Bathtub warm and ready to contribute to the formation of tropical storms. While conditions look like it may rain during the week, we are not getting the rain we need locally. Our rivers are still low.

I answer a lot of inquiries about our region in e-mails and social media everyday, and one topic that keeps coming up is where people can relax at a beach without being obligated to go to an expensive beach restaurant such as those in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa. While the cifras alegres tell an incomplete story, the fact is that folks of all economic classes don't like being searched like a criminal when going to a beach, and they don't like being forced to have to eat or drink at expensive restaurants. The Blue Flag continues being a failure. And local authorities stupidly act like it's the only way we can keep our beaches clean. Seeing as they mostly ignore the non-Blue Flag beaches, I say it's a lame excuse and a poor pretext. They assign one old couple to clean Playa Principal even though it receives hundreds of visitors, many of them careless and too many drunks. Thank goodness for the locals who help keep our beaches clean. I see them every day, some with bags, some just picking up one thing or another left by a careless visitor, all showing love for the community. Something we need more of in our local government, as Kapi Bustos used to say.

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