Saber Rattling - Doubling Down

by Ironwood @, Monday, August 28, 2023, 15:37 (27 days ago) @ Padrino

More GOP lunacy. As for RFK Jr's particular brand of craziness......that famous quote is apropos:

"'re no Jack Kennedy."

To which I would add: "....and you're no Robert F. Kennedy either."

For those members who are not Boomers or GenXers, here is Wikipedia's take on that famous "mic drop" moment.,_you%27re_no_Jack_Kennedy

I always thought that we would never again have someone so "intellectually challenged" in such an important leadership position as when Dan Quayle was the U.S. Vice President. Of course, then along came George Bush, the Younger. And then came Agent Orange. Fact is always stranger than fiction, Dear Friends.

The GOP has a track record of putting the intellectually-challenged, bottom-feeders and wackos only a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Eisenhower's Nixon, Nixon's Spiral Corkscrew....sorry, Spiro Agnew....(he of "plain brown envelope" fame. What an unbelievably tacky and petty creep he was), H.W. Bush's Dan Quayle, Bush Jr's scary Dick Cheney and McCain's totally loopy Sarah Palin. Trump's Pence will go down in history for nothing more than following the law......which was sort of a prerequisite for the position.

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