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Dreaming of Zihua on my cold, smoky walk this morning in British Columbia, I came across a discarded empty can of CABRÓN, a product new to me.

The label says "Tequila Blanco Cocktail, Cantarito, small batch, Natural Grapefruit, Orange & Lime Juice, 5% alcohol, premium tequila from Jalisco, cocktails crafted in Canada"...manufactured by a Vancouver company called "Cabrón Cocktails."

I had to look up the meaning of "cabrón".... and it's a naughty word, at least in English. Reminds me of the gringo hangout in Mazatlán - "The Lucky Bastard". But all is not lost: I'll get 10 cents for the can at the recyclers.

I've yet to find an even halfway decent canned tequila drink or cooler, including the Mexican ones made by El Jimador.

Has anyone had any experience with a Cabrón?

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