Saber Rattling at Mexico

by zkaliman, Wednesday, September 06, 2023, 00:03 (16 days ago) @ Sandy feet

Reminds me of a joke.

Mexican guy in US on phone with his Mexican friend in Mexico says “ boy I do miss Mexico “
Mexican guy in Mexico says “ boy I would like to miss Mexico also “

Like I’ve always said - the people that really get to enjoy Mexico in a carefree way are foreign nationals living in Mexico or foreign tourist - the local Mexican doesn’t get to enjoy his country in a carefree way so much.

I’m Mexican raised abroad and I come to travel to Mexico -,and boy it’s to the point where when I’m in Mexico I wish I didn’t read write comprehend anything in Spanish - just say “ no comprendo “ ignorance is bliss and I truly wish I could enjoy Mexico - with that type of disconnect - as current foreign tourists and residents do. I’m jealous of them .lol lol.

I have to go to other countries to feel that carefree travel enjoyment - was just in france Italy and Croatia - and it was great - I don’t understand a lick of French Italian or Croatian - it was grand.

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