Obtaining a permanent or temporary residency

by kathyMN @, Saint Francis, Minnesota, Monday, September 11, 2023, 14:08 (13 days ago) @ BobM

We just completed the Permanent Resident process last month. We obtained the Visa from the Consulate in Saint Paul after providing all of the required documentation, being interviewed, and paying the $51 USD fee per person. The Visa was good for six months from date of issuance, but they did type in our travel date of August 20. When arriving at the Mexico City airport, the agent stamped the Visa and wrote 30 days. When we arrived in ZIH, we went to the immigration office the next business day at 9:00. They said we needed an appointment and asked us to come back the next day at 9:00. We only needed our passports and a credit card to pay for the $6226 MXN fee (per person). The rest of the information was already in their system. We were fingerprinted and photographed. The process took about 2 hours. We were the only ones in the immigration office the entire time so two agents worked on our paperwork. We walked out with copies of everything and both our cards. Hope this helps.

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