Obtaining a permanent or temporary residency

by Little Guy @, Monday, September 11, 2023, 19:29 (13 days ago) @ BobM

In addition to the helpful comments that have already been made, I have a cautionary comment about my experiences.

For years I had FM3, the previous temporary resident status. It was a one-year status. The holder had to “re-qualify” every year. This involved considerable paperwork, but importantly, it required timing. The completed renewal application had to be submitted by the expiry date. It had to be submitted no more than 30 days prior to the expiry. If I missed a renewal, I would have to start from the beginning, applying for a year-one FM3.

So the first point is, if you had an FM3, it was important to gave an expiry date at a time when you plan to be in the Zihuatanejo area every year.

Consider your future renewal dates

For years I started applying for renewal a couple of weeks before the expiry. I was always completed by the expiry date. Then I would wait, sometimes for weeks, wondering whether I would get my renewal completed before my departure date.

One year I thought I got smart. I went to Zihuatanejo earlier than usual and applied at the first opportunity, 30 days prior to expiry. I had my renewed FM3 in a couple of days. But that “reset” the date for my renewals to the date the renewal was approved. I ended up having to change my vacations for subsequent years in order to be in Zihuatanejo in time to start the renewal process.

Don’t think that things will go smoothly

Eventually, I applied to convert my FM3 (temporary resident status) to an FM2 (permanent resident status). I got through the paperwork in Zihuatanejo. That included surrendering my FM3 card. My permanent status was approved. The card was prepared in Acapulco. I just had to pick up my PR card in Zihuatanejo when it arrived.

There was a big storm. Bridges were washed out. No traffic was getting between Acapulco and Zihuatanejo. My card did not arrive before my departure. I had to get a special authorization from migración to leave the country. But I also had onky 30 days to sign for my PR card.

I ended up flying from Zihuatanejo to Canada, then two weeks later flying from Canada to Zihuatanejo to have a five minute signing fir my PR card, then return to Canada.

Remember, if you want to hear the gods laugh, tell someone you have a plan.

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