Obtaining a permanent or temporary residency

by Bart, Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 11:50 (12 days ago) @ Mijilly

I just completed the permanent residency 1 week ago at the St. Paul consulate. If you have an appointment that's half the battle. I arrived early for my 8:30 appointment and noticed a line at the door so I got in line. When I was at the front of the line I told them why I was there. Shortly there after, I was seated with a pleasant young man. I did not send anything in electronically prior to my visit. What I brought with me: A to whom it may concern letter stating what I wanted, what my Mexico address was etc. My passport and a copy of the main information page. A passport picture. The visa app. filled out on one sheet of paper. Six months bank statements with my social security and pension amounts highlighted. I made copies of everything, but I didn't seem to need them. After the young man took my information, I waited a few minutes to get my picture and fingerprints taken. After that I waited a few more minutes then the lady asked me if I was paying with cash or a credit card. I paid $51 with a credit card and walked out after 30 minutes with my permanent residency vista. It was much easier then some of the stories I've heard.

From my experience, a lawyer is not needed.

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