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According to the most recent data released yesterday by Guerrero's state health officials, there are 32 currently active cases of Covid-19 in Zihuatanejo, 1 in Petatlán, 12 in Acapulco, and 114 in the entire state. Not a word from local health officials on why Zihuatanejo has consistently had higher Covid-19 rates than Acapulco, a much larger city. Certainly no obvious measures have been taken or public warnings issued.

In Zihuatanejo we awoke this Wednesday to a cloudy morning after a very light rain sometime during the night. The waves have picked up a bit while a mar de fondo event affects most of Mexico's Pacific coast. Surfers should be finding plenty of action to keep them busy

Playa La Madera has been mostly unusable this week with waves washing well up into the area where concrete-frame 3-stories tall palapas were built by the current city government (in stark contrast to decades of a no-concrete-constructions-on-the-beach policy). The turtles are currently having a rough time nesting on Playa La Madera.

There were easily a half dozen turtle tracks on Playa Principal this morning, but it was obvious they'd all been dug up. By whom I have no idea. The old guy with the scraggly white beard who is a known poacher was nowhere to be seen. A shame the municipal government continues ignoring this problem.

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