Celebrando la IndependenZIHa Mexicana

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, September 16, 2023, 18:23 (16 days ago)


:vivamexico: Lupita and I were a bit surprised by how subdued the local celebrations were here in Zihuatanejo. Didn't hear or see any fireworks. There were very few tourists out Friday night, and on Saturday morning along the parade route that we could see there were hardly any spectators watching the parade. Of course, as always, the family members who accompany their loved ones along the parade route walking along with them almost equal the number of people in the parade, and anyone standing or sitting along the parade route has to deal with hundreds of family members walking in front of them, making it difficult at times to see the parade or to take photos.

:flagmexico: After watching El Grito in the Zócalo on TV, we noticed there just weren't that many people out partying downtown, which of course didn't stop the same noisy bars as always from being extremely noisy until around 4 in the morning or later. The ayuntamiento decided that around 2:00 AM was a good time to wash the streets, so the noise from the water tanker trucks and the sweepers who sweep the water down the street into an opened manhole was extremely loud and roused us up. Then around 5:00 AM the Tránsitos show up blowing their whistles and shouting over their vehicle's P.S. system for everyone to move their vehicles from the parade route (because posting signs along the streets the day before alerting that the parade route is a no-parking zone Saturday morning is too foreign a concept to implement), and of course lots of car owners can't be located, so there's a massive towing effort locating vehicles wherever spaces can be found on side streets off the parade route. The next parade is on the morning of November 20 for Día de la Revolución. We can hardly wait... ;-)

But truth be told, my family and I love Mexico and we especially love being Mexicans. We enjoy celebrating this day, too, albeit in our own less boisterous ways. ¡VIVA MÉXICO!

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¡Cuidemos nuestro patrimonio!

Para muchos, los charros son la parte favorita del desfile en el Día de la Independencia Mexicana.

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