current status of marijuana in Zihua ?

by Paulcbk, Monday, September 18, 2023, 21:07 (14 days ago) @ Casa Juan

Couple of thoughts on the original question.

why would a person try bringing a small amount of pot into a country where legality is of question. Those dogs walking around on long leashes in departure or customs areas are not therapy dogs for your anxiety of flying.

I have spent enough time here in Zihuatanejo to know it is here and available, you smell people burning it on the streets but if there is shop that sells it I have not seen it.

Earlier in my trips here I would find someone that would sell me what I wanted, cost was not that much but from what I was was used to, it was poor or quality, not dried well but it was something to smoke, Living in the Kootenays I always access to better quality and I grew my own.

A few years ago after spending more time in the off season I was fortunate to make friends here that have become part of my life. One in particular has shared thoughts with me about buying pot on the street or shopping for it. If you want some tell me and I will get that you want but don't go asking around, By then I had a few people I would spend time with, been part of family celebrations, meeting parents and grandchildren, even had people come to Canada to visit. It has become a big part of my life.

Anyways the message that had real affect on my buying pot here is "if you are asking people for marijuana here you are part of the problem" nobody does anything without someone else knowing about it.

When I am here I give my lungs a break, after a month here I get home and give my liver a break.

But I sleep way better at home with a couple of hoots in th evening

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