by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Wednesday, November 08, 2023, 14:24 (27 days ago)

Yesterday the fence was put back up at the south end of playa la Ropa by El Manglar and La Arena. We like to think of it as protecting the crocs from people invading their space, not the other way around.

This morning about 6:15, there was about an 8 footer hanging out just off shore probably hoping to go back in after hunting all night. The beach was empty, we moved away quickly and assumed that it went back in.

Maybe an hour later, mid paddle we saw a swimming friend who just arrived and was having her very first swim of the winter. We stopped to catch up and finally realized the shouting from the beach was about the crocodile. It was still hanging out, maybe 20 yards from where we were talking in the water. We escorted our swimming friend to shore and went on our way.

Remember, in the early morning, don't stand on the beach in front of El Manglar and La Arena if there is a crocodile in the water. Move away so they can go back in.

The fence just keeps people out, not the crocs in. They enter and exit in several places along that stretch of beach. Watch for their tracks in the sand. This is where they live!

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