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According to the most recent report from Guerrero's health officials, there are currently no confirmed active cases of Covid-19 in the entire state of Guerrero, and only 74 in the entire country.

The Norwegian Sun started off our cruise ship season with a visit today. If you're interested in knowing the arrival dates of the cruise ships that visit us, check my webpage: Arribo de Buques de Pasajeros / Cruise Ship Arrivals

The federal government says it will send more personnel, mainly Guardia Nacional, to Guerrero to establish order not only in Acapulco but throughout the state. Hang on to your seeds, tokers. Frankly, I believe most guerrerenses are glad to hear this, though there is still a lot of mistrust from the days of the Guerra Sucia.

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Troncones Vacation Rentals

¡Cuidemos nuestro patrimonio!

El resplandor del amanecer parece un momento de mágico en Zihuatanejo mientras unos pescadores buscan un poco de suerte.

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