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Living in Mexico I would like to see the same yearly auto emission tests that most mid-size and larger counties have to pass in the US. Auto emissions are terrible in Mexico. I have yet to see one EV with Chihuahua State plates. Never been to China but the statistics are terrible. Been to India and it's befuddling how they are able to live past 50. One country pushing hard to evolve from carbon isn't going to do much.

I urge you to investigate exactly all that Mexico does to regulate vehicle emissions. You appear totally unaware of what has been going on for years, decades. Especially in the large cities like Mexico and Guadalajara. Exemplary mass transit. Non-driving days for vehicles based on their plates. Emissions testing. No leaded fuels. If you check the live webcams and you know what Mexico City looked like 20 or 30 years ago, you should be quite impressed with the visibility on most days now. They've made amazing strides because they had to. Nothing like Beijing, Mumbai or even Tokyo. One of the largest cities in the world has made some impressive achievements, though of course there is still so much to do.


I wouldn't expect EVs to become popular in Mexico anytime soon. But I do expect to see increasing use of better mass transit systems. One thing Mexico is doing in the nick of time is improving the cargo freight transit system across the Isthmus de Tehuántepec between the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico so that it can be competitive with the Canal de Panamá.

Otis has provided renewed impetus for Mexico. Acapulco has paid one of the heaviest prices if not the heaviest so far of any other community in the world for the excesses that cause global warming. You can bet there will be a lot more highly motivated people determined to tackle the problem and to be part of the solution.

No, we don't have all the regulations the USA has, but gee, the Red states appear to be going backwards in their haste to return to 1950 where they think "Father Knows Best" and "Leave It To Beaver" are documentaries. And golly, the rest of the world is only trying to emulate U.S. culture. They all want their cars and cellphones and modern conveniences, too. The problem is the U.S. lifestyle is NOT sustainable. Less than one fifth of the world's population consumes over a quarter of its resources. We all can't consume that much. It will only kill the planet more quickly. And therein lies the big conundrum.

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