Careful at La Ropa

by Ironwood @, Friday, November 17, 2023, 21:22 (17 days ago) @ Sandy feet

That is what I was thinking, too. The locals will not stand for this happening in their beautiful town.
I agree that the police in Zihuatanejo are a joke. I have always felt the military has done a better job at maintaining safety.

Didn't the entire Zihua police force...and the police forces of many other communities in Mexico..... go through some serious vetting a few years back, presumably to address the kinds of problems that once again seem endemic?
What happened?

As far as the military is concerned, I doubt they're trained to do police work, (is ANYONE in Mexico trained to do common or garden-variety police work?) and what "safety" the military may provide seems limited to driving around town and "showing the colours." I can't imagine any self-respecting bad guy considering the military as much of a deterrent.

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