Feeling Safe in Zihuatanejo - Safety - Violence - Security

by Curly! @, Great Pacific Northwet, Monday, November 14, 2011, 15:31 (4332 days ago)

I am putting this here in hopes that potential visitors will find it in the archives. That's the reason for the semi whacked subject line. If you have something to add, so much the better... I suppose.

Zihuatanejo trip 10/28/2011 to 11/7/2011. Just now starting to lose my tan. Dang!

In the ten days I recently spent in Zihuatanejo, not one thing put me on guard, when it comes to safety. No one threatened me (with the possible exception of my wife), no one harassed me, I never felt in danger or witnessed anything that could lead anyone to say they were either. We walked on Playa la Ropa after dark, numerous times. We walked and took the bus into town, but always taxied back to the Catalina, when out after dark. I felt comfortable with my wife walking into, and back from town alone. I put our passports in a lock box at the reception desk and kept my wallet with me at all times, but left an ipod, ipad, speaker system, camera, prescription drugs etc. in the room when it was time to hit the beach or the pool. I made a gizmo out of a plastic sleeve and a coat hanger to slip my ipad into, then hung a pair of pants and a shirt over it in the closet, just in case. My wife and I both left our big a$$ed diamond wedding rings at home and wore the ones we got married with (kinda neat, really). We didn't flash wads-o-dough around (like I have any), nor did we get drunk, loud or ornery in any public place. We stayed to the main streets after dark and checked our bill closely when we spent money.

In other words, we mostly did what we would do on any trip, to anywhere, and not once were we worried about anything. If you prepare and take a bit of caution, regarding your trip, the only thing you'll have to worry about is getting to hora feliz on time.


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