A cautionary tale

by anneh, Saturday, January 22, 2011, 17:42 (4635 days ago)

My family and I have been struggling with a moral dilemma about whether to post on this board and hopefully you will understand why after reading this post. We returned home on 01-17-11 after a week in Zihuatanejo. Our first 3 days were idyllic - the perfect spot, laid back, low key, delightful people, wonderful weather, warm seas, delicious food, fabulous hotel, excellent service! We had been reassured by many people that it was a safe place and there are clearly large numbers of visitors who return here year after year. We were walking back from downtown around 10 at night and were 100 yards from our hotel above Playa Madera when my husband and I were robbed at gun point on the corner by Hotel Palacios. Fortunately our daughters were ahead of us and had reached our hotel further up the road by this time. This left us feeling very sad, for us personally and for this delightful town which will undoubtedly suffer from this kind of event. We would advise everyone to take extreme care at night when walking back from downtown and please do not carry any valuables.

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