A cautionary tale

by GringoLoco, Saturday, January 22, 2011, 18:01 (4628 days ago) @ anneh

First of all, glad to hear you and your family where unhurt. As I stated earlier, i don't feel safe at all to venture out past dark, especially on foot. The Playa Madera area has its share of crime over the years, and more so this season.

I also debated about whether to post my neighbors armed carjacking on their way to Ixtapa last week. They also left home with a sour taste in their mouth, and they will not be returning to Mexico. They put their condo up for sale.

Not sure if anyone downtown heard of the gun battle that happened on Nicolas Bravo last night. IIt was not in the local paper this morning. If you walk by the Old "La Canada" (as I did this afternoon), the gun shots are still clearly evident on the wall...

I'm comfy here in my apartment and plan on staying here ALL Night...

Be careful out there :(

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