A cautionary tale

by freddy @, Saturday, January 22, 2011, 18:56 (4628 days ago) @ anneh

Wow that is very sad and scary! We stroll home along there typically around 8:30 ish after eating downtown and strolling back to La Ropa. Is it then safe to assume no walks after dark anywhere along this jaunt? Was it on the road or on the promendae? I think I won't be walking any of these routes home at least not in the dark anymore! And this gunfight, when did it happen? Was it late in the evening or earlier? It's clearly a sign that times are tough and one should carry as little as possible on their person. I read about a similar event on Playa Larga a couple of days ago. We as touristas must share the good and bad. If at least anything, it will allow first timers an opportunity to not get caught in a situation like this, or at least, maybe minimalize the possibilty of some other innocent descent folk getting tangled in this web. As for the police, what the heck are they going to do? It's been said on this board that the powers that be are as corrupt as the criminals themselves. I still love this place, however, clearly more caution needs to be taken to not let these sociopaths have an easy target. Very sad indeed. Could this be a result of lower tourist numbers in the first place? Any input is appreciated as we still have 3 weeks left here. As for the victims, my deepest concern goes out to you all.


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