A cautionary tale

by Dione @, Chicago, IL, Saturday, January 22, 2011, 21:14 (4625 days ago) @ anneh

What a horrible experience, but I’m glad you posted it. My husband and I walk those streets all of the time, even after dark and we have never had a worry. On Friday the 14th we left Tango after dinner which is near La Ropa, we decided to walk into town. We used the back streets by Madera like we always do. Suddenly two police trucks pulled up and a foot chase was on. The police ran in the opposite direction so we continued on into town. Believe it or not it really did not phase us. We live in Chicago so seeing police in pursuit was not a big deal. We actually walked the same street back to our hotel at the Brisas Del Mar on Madera. I do agree with your advise though, always take extreme care and never, never wear or carry any valuables.

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