A cautionary tale

by frostbite @, Hamilton MT, Sunday, January 23, 2011, 11:29 (4634 days ago) @ pdxSteve

anneh and family, i am sorry for your being a victim of an armed robbery. this shocks us because we always walk back from downtown to la ropa after dinner via la madera on the street. I have been a victim of an armed robbery (in St. Louis) and understand how everything changes when looking down the barrel of a gun.

we do not remember getting any recommendations not to walk home along the road throught La Madera (Calle Adelita). there have been many warnings to not walk along the beach path.

My question is: should we consider the whole bay of Madera unsafe to walk at night.

Our place is on La Madera and we always walk home after dinner down below. The only change we've made is to walk back along Calle Adelita and up Heartattack Hill, rather than along the coast and up the stairs, although a light has been added to illuminate the stairs. There's also a new light up on Eva Samano, thanks to David and Lucy. WE take no added precautions.

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