Madera safe to walk at night ?

by chip and charo, Sunday, January 23, 2011, 12:14 (4634 days ago) @ pdxSteve

Not really sure.We have lived here five years...full time. Four years ago we were leaving Rufo's on Adelita to go back home. On The corner , a guy stepped out and put a gun to my wife's face. Right on her forehead. I gave him my money and he ran away. Policia were called but no results. The next week were broken into our house as we slept. I have been all over the world and been in what I would consider dangerous places and circumstances. At 67, the only time we ever had ANY problem was here. We will not leave but suggest caution. Flash light and a whistle. Don't mean to scare anyone.These are isolated incidents and can happen anywhere .

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