End of Innocence

by cd69 @, Winnipeg,MB,Canada, Sunday, January 23, 2011, 15:34 (4627 days ago) @ LadyM in Zihua

The powers that be better wake up and act upon these reports as it is no longer the odd incident we hear about.Too many tourists have been robbed at gun point and if the authorities aren't reenforcing the police presence,tourism will suffer even more than it is suffering now.It is one thing to hear about petty theft,ie the purse left on the beachchair that gets stolen but having numerous reports of people having a gun put at their face in an area catering to tourists is a whole different situation.

I remember years ago tourists complaining in Acapulco about too many people on the beach harrasing them trying to sell them stuff.The government realized that this was becoming an issue along with heperception of too much small crime and they came up with the tourism police.Whatever is needed needs to be done fast in Zihuatanejo and in Ixtapa or you could end up in a catch 22 situaton where tourism will drop drastically,as if it wsn't bad enough, and more crime commited because more people out of work...

Sadly,if I had no been in the area before,I would have a hard time recommeding this place for new tourists as it is hard to tell people it is a great place,great views,good food but don't walk around after dark as you will get robbed.This in't what tourists want to hear.They want to be able to take a stroll after dinner.They want to feel safe.It is no small wonder that so many people opt for all-inclusive resorts to avoid these issues...

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