end of innocence

by connie, Sunday, January 23, 2011, 21:22 (4636 days ago) @ Pecos Bill

I agree, Bill. We, too, have traveled extensively all over the world, and while I do feel relatively safe in most of Europe and Asia, we have written Africa off. Zihuatanejo was always our "haven" and home. It was not where we went to "see the sights" or visit one more tourist highight. It was where we went to relax and see lifelong lfriends and smell the lovely aromas coming from the great restaurants and wake up every morning, just breathing the sea air above La Madera beach. Included in that was always the leisurely stroll after an evening in El Centro through the La Madera neighborhood, back to our hotel, often just the 2 of us, sometimes with another couple. If we are now forced to take a cab home every night, part of the magic will be gone.

PLEASE, let us all do whatever we can to make this a safe second home for so many of us who love it, and for all the great local people that we have come to care for and who rely on us for their livelihood.

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