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by Harry, Monday, January 24, 2011, 09:29 (4626 days ago) @ connie

I and my daughter will be Z bound next weekend, my 6th, her first trip. And we'll be staying in Playa Madera. Last year I felt a real kinship for folks there and have purposely booked again because their efforts and courtesy deserve to be rewarded. And it's a nice place to vacation.

I didn't do many night excursions back from Centro last year, but my usual route was along the Paseo, over the little bridge on the canal and down Calle Adelita. Never a tense moment, though it was quite dark around the bridge.

Once during Carnivale I took the malecon/seawall back, and in the dark, almost bumped into a pair of well-armed police. As I passed them I said "Muchas gracias." All was well.

I'm guessing that there will be more of a police presence generally at Carnivale. I suppose while there I'll probably talk to some of the business owners along Calle Adelita to chat about the security situation. Perhaps the majordomos of Z/Ixt will see fit to have visible patrols and police presence along the major routes that tourists use back and forth to the hotel zones.

Meanwhile, we will do our best to enjoy ourselves and fit in in a low key way. I'm always polite. Always try to speak Spanish and engage with the people personally who serve me. I am a guest in their home and I want them to think well of Canadians.


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