US visitors to Cuba

by Scott ⌂, Mérida, Yucatán, Friday, February 04, 2011, 11:29 (4622 days ago) @ Harry

Last summer there was a horrendous story about a Cdn. lad who was involved in a car accident, and it became a real horror show trying to get home afterwards.

Do you know what happens to people who have car accidents in Mexico?

The guy was involved in a possibly criminal accident. He wasn't allowed to leave the country until the investigation was complete. If he left, what do you think the chances are that he would ever return to face trial? It's not like he was kept in jail all that time, he was "forced" to stay at a resort hotel. How horrendous.

If a foreigner is under investigation here in Canada, what do you propose we do? Let them go home and never return, rather than face trial?

Just so you know, if you ever have an accident in Mexico, it wouldn't be unusual for the police to come and arrest you on the spot, and you will sit in jail until everything is worked out. Even if there is no injury, you could very well sit in jail until payment for physical damages has been worked out.

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