Plantation mentality

by JBinCT, Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 05:34 (4669 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Wow! That is certainly a paternalistic approach to your fellow citizens; take away their property rights because they aren't capable of making the right choices. Kind of a plantation mentality in fact.

Like almost everyone who has visited Barra I have no desire to see it become a cruise port/golf course/Ixtapa. But the members of the ejido/community should have a say in the future of Barra and one way they can do so is through the exercise (or not) of their collective and individual property rights. I mentioned Troncones because that is exactly what happened there and while Troncones of 2011 is vastly different from Troncones of 1990 I don't see calls on this board for boycotting Troncones or pictures of the way it used to be before development 'ruined' it.

As an aside, the granting of property rights to 'untitled owners' is a popular subject in developmental economics, led by someday-Nobel Prize winner Hernando de Soto of Peru, as equity in untitled property represents a tremendous source of untapped capital/wealth for impoverished people.

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