Neither do some of the regular visitors.

by Jo in Vancouver, Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 09:16 (4669 days ago) @ nodak

We've been visiting La Barra for 7 years and this year brought 4 new people to stay..who have already said they plan to go back IF La Barra stays relatively the same. We all realize that villages grow and change. When we first visited part of the road in was dirt.. now it's paved. Houses have been improved, the library has become a reality. These are beneficial changes..not a wholesale wipe out of the lagoon, the enramadas and the village. I'm not sure how many $$'s we put into the economy each visit but we eat out almost every nightin one of the village "cafes" or an enramada, we drink lots of margarita's and beer, we do a lagoon tour, go fishing with a local, do a boat ride around Los Morros with a local, ride the pasejero, visit El Refugio, have a least one musical interlude from a wandering musician in the enramada and even try to buy things from the beach vendors. I'm sure in the scheme of things what we spend is not big bucks but we certainly wouldn't be coming to La Barra if it's turned into the FONATUR vision! What I can't understand is with the extremely low vacancy rates in Ixtapa why are they planning another mega development? It would seem to me that the hotel owners in Ixtapa would be up in arms over this proposal as it seems aimed at a similar market.. golfers, condos, marinas.
I know previously an address was posted where we as visitors to Mexico could write to express our concerns..but of course it's on the old board and I'm hoping someone will post a link here. Will try to help from cold rainy Vancouver to preserve a bit of paradise in Barra de Potosi. Our thoughts are with you in this fight.

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