by JBinCT, Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 10:17 (4669 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I would suggest you re-read some posts as I never said you thought Troncones had been ruined. I also have said or insinuated nothing about my willingness to patronize any new developments in La Barra. I have been consistent in stating that those who own the land have the right to do with it what they wish within the law, including sale. That is as true in Mexico as it is in the US or Canada. To attempt to deny that right/opportunity because one does not like what may be done is wrong. The moral way to stop development is to pay a fair price for the land yourself, or in partnership with others, thereby allowing the owner to sell but keeping the property away from developers. Nature Conservancy and others follow this approach.

As to insinuations about your post:

" Many of those ejiditarios who sold out have long ago spent the money they got, and now they're in the same boat again, except now they can't afford to buy more land in their village for their growing families, so they move to other non-tourist communities where you don't see the poverty they live in. Believe it or not, most people here don't aspire to be maids and gardeners and servants for wealthy tourists."

If that isn't a criticism of those who exercised their right to sell in Troncones- and by extension those who would sell in La Barra- then what is it?

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