The people of La Barra don't want this project

by Laura ⌂ @, Friday, February 18, 2011, 10:14 (4667 days ago) @ ElAleman

Hi Eugene,

Information posted here of course does not preclude that other things are being done off-forum. This is not necessarily the place to detail the organization happening within the village. Please don't assume the organization and a definite plan is not being formed. Talking with the key people in the village leadership is the place to be informed about this.

Some was discussed at the community meeting where I know Rita was present last Tuesday. She might not have heard or remembered or transmitted all of this to you. In fact there are definite measures that were discussed and that are happening with regard to organizing the leadership of the village. This forum is not necessarily the place to detail all of it.

For the present, soe of the iformation I have...leadership will include all the representatives of the various groups (all the fishing coops, ACs, enramadas, schools and other) led by a small selection among them including the comisario - all locals. People are well aware that there will be confusion, negativity and misinformation planted. There will be attempts to buy off leadership. For that reason leadership will not reside with two or three people only. Rita will remember that it was the voiced opinion of several at that meeting that the Municipal President would react in exactly the way he did. The plan (partly)mentioned at our community meeting included going to speak with him and being ready to hear him say exactly what he did. It was also mentioned that the community has access to the complete and up to date copy of the Fonatur plan obtained throught he Transparency Act which will be presented and discussed at another community meeting soon. Meanwhile please attend the meeting on the 26th. I'm sure Rita has told you about it after it was discussed at the community meeting or that you knew previously.

To reiterate...a plan of action has already been discussed, will continue to be discussed as it continues to take form and is already in action. At this time when unity is the most important factor, you might want to talk with neighbors (and listen) before assuming and voicing your concerns in an offense way. In my experience, the villagers have the tendency to simply withdraw silently if they feel they are being insulted or not being listened to. However, Your respectfully expressed insights and ideas will be welcomed and listened to by the village people involved in this organizing. Talk with the comisario and the presidents of the coops and you can find out more. This is a crucial time to avoid divisiveness.

I doubt most of them will have access to a facebook page so personal contact may be preferable in order to inform yourself of what is being done inside the village.

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