Reading into Puerto Potosi

by kayakdude, Tuesday, March 01, 2011, 11:29 (4656 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Unless it has been overlooked by me in this cascade of insightful messages...are the rest of you aware of the fact that Potosi and vicinity is a perennial red zone for dengue fever?
I've been doing business there as an ecotour kayak guide for 12 years. My partner Orlando Banuelos Nava has lived there all his life and tells me that everyone he knows has had a round or more with dengue.
Great tourist attraction, dengue.....
There are a number of fresh water bodies between the Guamilule headland and the radio towers due west of downtown Petatlan below laguna San Valentin, all of which support major insect life during and beyond the normal rainy season...pretty lush back there, lots of crocs, butterflies and birds too. You don't suppose that the proposed golf courses would be using that water for irrigation, do you? Not to mention all the mangrove a developer would have to (illegally) cut to clear the beach-back margins for construction to begin... and what about all the likely sites they'd bulldoze into that might be of great interest to the archaeologists along that same stretch?
This is the most hare-brained idea I've heard of in a long while.

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