2 for 2 infractions at border

by CathyMarie @, Nashville, Sunday, March 20, 2011, 11:13 (4455 days ago)

We left Zihua on the 14th, last week, for Laredo. And first of all cuoto drivers of cars and semi's are much more considerate than the States. Can't speak for Cananda. Anyway last August we paid $600 pesos for a speeding infaction, right!!, he pulled us out of moving traffic, then this year a motocycle cop we passed in moving busy moving traffic did the same only cost 1000 pesos. He kept saying police station, what did that mean, we were suppose to drive well off the beaten path to who knows where. We didn't, he took the pesos again no ticket. That was ok, I guess, but near the off the beaten path there was State military posted around a tire store, and intersection and 3 other spots. I felt really uncomfortable.
All thru Neuvo Laredo military trucks with armed soldiers guns out zoomed by.

Also more military, State and Federal than from my past 3 drives across Mexico. Twice there were caravans of 10 to 15 black Surbanans escorted by Military.

The drive was a breeze tho and scenery stunning. Patzcuara was fabulous. I purchased some bedding from Enrique, my friend Linda recommemded. I found exactly the colors I wanted in his shop but didnt have 2 to match for guest beds. In our broken Spanish and his English he gave us a ride to to top of the hill over cobbled streets to his factory. He stepped up to each machine and showed us the start to finish process of weaving the coverlets. The he let us in his office and there were 2 rojo coverlets that matched exactly.

On the way down he showed where the rich Americans lived, the view was beautiful and at the end of one street he stopped and all you could see where tiled roofs, steeples and tree tops. Thanks Enrique.

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