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by Sharkboy ⌂ @, Barra de Potosi, Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 15:17 (4561 days ago)

I feel so bad. This is a fight and we need to be together everybody. I think you as resident foreigners or tourist visitors and we as local people love zihuatanejo and the beaches like they are now, without much contamination and almost virgin, with a lot of wild life and different plants, and beautiful ecosystems than can be deleted for human alteration (mega projects) and the only price it will have is contamination and it will finish with life, animals and plants. There will be poor people, fishermen without some place to go and without places for fishing to eat. I understand you fear to be deported and fail in the Mexican law.

The truth is FONATUR has violated and is violating a lot of laws, the truth is zihuatanejo is not convenient to deport foreigners because it will be a big scandal and zihua needs tourists. People deported only for support the nature and support the local people? Will not happened. THIS IS NOT A POLITICIAN PROBLEM. This is a nature problem. A wild life problem.

If I had money and I went to visit EU or CANADA and they deported me for helping the nature and supporting the poor local people, believe me… I would be proud to be deported, I would be happy. Because I would be a person full of help for our nature. Your country, our world. Your people. If somebody doesn’t want to help us.. it is ok. No problem. It is your choice and we respect this. But please don’t sow the doubt to the people that really want to help us to help the nature and the world, that want to help to conserve this beautiful place like it is now.

Or do you want zihua to be like Acapulco??? Full of violence, with a lot of population and contamination??? That our culture and traditions disappear? Remember tomorrow 4:00 pm at the city hall of zihuatanejo. I repeat: if you come it is excellent! if you don’t is ok. No problem. But don’t sow the doubt. Thanks for reading this.

This is a video of gorillaz band. for me it is symbolic for this problem. Please watch it.
Video of gorillaz. the mountain history

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