The Ugly (you fill-in the nationality)

by Dalejb, Thursday, March 31, 2011, 04:44 (4560 days ago) @ Scott

I find the "back and forth" discussion interesting. I am trying to equate it to something closer at home and wonder about how it would be viewed here if non-USA citizens became involved in local issues.

Where I live we have many controversial issues, some of which are reintroduction of wolves, let it burn policy in our forests (especially Yellowstone Park), slaughter of bison/buffalo that "may" infect domestic livestock, open pit mining, clear cut forest harvest, coal fired electric generators, wind energy, power transmission lines, "fracking" for oil, refining of oil etc etc. The list is endless. Almost all, if not all, have valid points on either side. Generally the people involved can see only one side.

Some of the issues have large input by people that live a long way away and never even come to visit our area.

I have a definite side on some of the issues but am unsure on others.

I wonder how it would be accepted if people that are not USA citizens were to become strong advocates of any of these issues, regardless of which side they take. I suspect, but don't really know, that the general consensus would be "this is none of your business" from advocates on both sides. On the other hand, maybe everyone wants support for their particular side regardless of which side that is.

I am not trying to start, continue or promote a fight here. I am just pondering the concept. Please carry on.

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