The Ugly (you fill-in the nationality)

by frostbite @, Hamilton MT, Thursday, March 31, 2011, 06:44 (4560 days ago) @ Dalejb

Good points, Dale. As a non-US citizen in San Francisco back in the sixties, I joined friends at civil rights sit-ins as well as marches against the Vietnam war. All this was legal for me to do until somebody in power declared a particular action to be illegal, which would then have made me deportable, so that's when I stopped sitting in or marching. In the States deportation is a faily lengthy process, in Mexico not so much. I knew a couple from California who moved to Zihua and were teaching English without the proper paperwork. I'm told they were unceremoniously put on the next flight out after somebody turned them in to Migracion. I seriously doubt that the president's signature was involved.

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