The Ugly (you fill-in the nationality)

by Bill @, Chicago, Illinois, Friday, April 01, 2011, 20:58 (4559 days ago) @ Scott

There's no prohibition on thought, or observing ... but foreigners taking to the streets and demonstrating by marching, holding placards, etc., has, oftentimes, been held as illegal or against the provisions that allow tourists to stay in Mexico. If Mexican's have to rely upon foreigners to march in their place then the issue isn't worth fighting for. Few foreigners will understand the issues at hand and we've had at least one person in this discussion who is selling real estate in the area, illegally, or improperly promoting its sale, and has a clear and disgusting conflict of interest. Let local residents decide the future of their community, not foreigner do-gooders who haven't a clue. But, the march is over and there appears to have been good support by local residents - and that's a good thing, no matter what side of the issue they were on. Rob has often railed against foreigners for supporting schools and children in areas he labels as squatters and other such instances and this is no different. Mind your own business. That's the law in Mexico, as far as foreign influence is concerned.

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