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:sunbehindraincloud: Local water temps in the bay are still extremely warm at around 32.18°C, and off the coast it's looking like a hurricane conveyor built as they keep forming up and heading out to sea. Greg's about to do the same thing to the Hawaiian Islands that Dora did. Let's hope it passes without similar results. And an area of unstable tropical air with a 90% probability of cyclonic development in the coming week is coming our way from the south, currently in front of the Bahía de Tehuántepec. We can expect extremely large swells along our coast as well as strong gusts of wind and probably a bit of rain within the next 3 to 4 days. Considering the damage from the relatively light rain we had the other evening (thanks to all the new cement streets and walkways on our hillsides with no pluvial drainage other than downhill), I believe lots of downtown residents and businesses should be concerned.

:rockband: The "rock concert" in Plaza de la Artista last night was everything I imagined it would be. The people who attended and sat within the all-cement plaza likely suffered permanent hearing damage. Amazing with all the tech bands can use to tune their instruments, too many still seem woefully inadequate in moderating the VOLUME of the sound they produce, pumping out enough sound for a 15,000-seat arena in 1/100th of the space. Take care of your fans' hearing and they'll listen to more of your music! Ruin their hearing and you lose fans. Pretty damn simple. And this from a guy who usually turns his music up loud, but not too loud.

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Un pescador presume un robalo de buen tamaño atrapado pescando desde la playa Principal.

ZIHclos Costeños

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