Amor ZIHn Titubeos

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Mexico's presidente clarified today that only Coyuca de Benítez and Acapulco de Juárez are zonas de desastre. The announcement the other day about 47 municipios including Zihuatanejo de Azueta and La Unión Montes de Oca was in error.

Downtown Petatlán was closed down today when residents from the community of Santa Rosa accompanied by policías comunitarios led a demonstration at the town's city hall, and when they tried to enter shots were fired, and the demonstrators took over the building. Hopefully this matter will be cleared up before too long.

The cruise ship Norwegian Sun will be here this Wednesday, November 8, the first cruise ship of the season. She'll bring 1,900 passengers and a crew of 906.

[image]Hotel Quinta Camelinas is one of Zihuatanejo's hidden gems. A truly lovely and extremely comfortable colonial-style boutique hotel with a pool offering different sized rooms and suites, perfect for couples, all with air-conditioning, cable TV and wi-fi internet access. The owner also makes delicious breads and pastries that keep her guests coming back for more. Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood two blocks from La Madera Beach in the Darío Galeana neighborhood near the fire department.
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Unos pescadores sacaron muchos huachinangos durante la noche y que estaban en venta durante el amanecer en Playa Principal en Zihuatanejo. Aquí comemos pescado tan fresco que estaba nadando la noche anterior.

Amor ZIHn Titubeos

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Hopefully they won't all be bussed to Ixtapa and will be able to see our beautiful city, businesses and residents.